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October 2008 - Updates9.Oct.2008

- Barracks now deploy 10 pop armies only.
- Removed old troop production. Barracks now gain points every turn. Each troop costs a number of points to deploy.
- No limit to how many Barracks you can build and use.
- Reduced the Health of all troops.
- New TRIBUTE SCORE system which is based on capturing and holding the old resource buildings and castles (except goldmines). Castles = +50, Gemponds = +20, Mines = +12, Quarries = +10 and Woodmills = +8. You get those TRIBUTE points each turn. Most Tribute at the end Wins!
- Ranking games is as follows : Battles = Elimination, Duels = Elimination or Score if it reaches turn limit, Campaigns = Score or Elimination then Score depending on mode selected.
- Added "Tribute-Per-Turn" info on the game income page
- Remove Gems, Metal, Stone, Wood as a resource.
- Destroying resource piles (except Gold piles) now gives you EXP and TRIBUTE.
- Only GOLD is used as a purchasing resource now.
- Switched to a new combined game/map window that also includes a game-specific chat window.

- All troops have been re-balanced according to the 3 levels (Basic, Advanced, Expert), so that all troops in the same level are equivalent in power/value.
- You can now play with Medieval or Demons (or Barbarians for Members) in the Training Game, Proving Grounds and Duels
- Split Proving Grounds into a 2 groups; Rank 0-50, and 50+. Players will automatically join the game based on their current rank.
- Fixed Proving Ground games so that players will not start in any castle that already has troops in it. If no empty castles exist, a new game will be started.
- Updated some building costs to reflect the Gold-only prices.

- fixed Battles & Duels so you can pick Random as the class, and it will asign the class randomly when game begins.
- fixed Battles & Duels so it now shows the correct opponent.
- split the Attack and Defense Techs into 5 techs, each giving +5 Attack or +5 Defense.
- HeavyCav now have new ChargingAssault ability.
- lowered damage for all ranged troops to be half of their equivalent melee troops.
- Updated Market Places so you can now SELL Tribute for Gold.
- Tribute is now earned for killing troops. You gain 20% of their Points value when killing the entire army (not just individual pops)
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Last Reply : Friday, 22 January 2010 by Crimsondawn.

May 2008 - Updates14.May.2008
Made a few updates...


- Created "Proving Grounds" games. They are ongoing, join-any-time, non-ranked Campaigns. You can find them under the Training games page.
- Added 3 new Experience techs which each give +5% exp in combat.
- Added a new Poll. Check under Community - Polls


- Techs now accumulate. You start each game with +4 and gain +1 each turn. Once you buy a tech it drops by -1. Once you have used up all your techs, you have to wait until the next turn.
- Players now start with more Gold/Resources. I also gave the extra gold/resources to all current games.
- Balista, Catapults & Battering Rams are now slower with a move of 5.
- Balista now has lower health (from 30 to 28). Rams have lower health (from 60 to 45). Catapults have higher health (from 60 to 66).
- General News page now shows current turn news of a random game each refresh. Only games with news are chosen.
- Lowered cost of Advanced, Expert & Master Melee/Ranged techs so you can get the higher level units faster.
- Updated Outposts to 18-tiles viewing range from 16.
- Outpost techs give +3 viewing range per tech instead of just 2.
- Taxes, Tax-Reform, Government & Empire techs are now cheaper, live under the Castle (not marketplace) and give +500, +600, +700 & +800 Gold respectively.
- Players start with +1000 Gold base income and +1000 Gold per castle.
- Drawbridges are now accessible by getting Castle Defense, same as Towers.
- Palisades, Walls, Drawbridges and Towers Techs are now a little bit cheaper.
- Seige and Expert Seige techs are now cheaper.
- Battering Rams now have a move of 6, up from 5.
- Basic troops gain +1 movement, Expert/Master troops lose -1 movement.
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Last Reply : Wednesday, 11 June 2008 by CanisLupus.

November 2007 - Updates4.Nov.2007
Search Forums now works via freetext search and is very fast. The main forums page has the link at the bottom.

Added a new Scenarios page under Battles, which show you all the troops in each scenario
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Last Reply : Friday, 9 May 2008 by tang.

October 2007 - Updates14.Oct.2007
Changes :

- Campaigns now have their turns Automatically update at 12am, (8am & 4pm for 8hr games), (12pm for 12hr games).

- Campaign armies have their own timers now. So you can move/attack with any troop (when ready), and it will not be ready again until X hours later. (where X = 75% of turn speed or beginning of next turn if that is greater). Can still only move/attack with each army once per turn period.

- Added 2 decimal places to troop production page.

- Added a few more duel & campaign maps (images still to come)

- Fixed Campaigns so non-members can only be active in 3 games. If in a queue while active in 3 camps, they will not be included.

- Fog Of War is now OPTIONAL for Battles & Duels. Default is for FoW to be off, which means both players can see everything (much like a boardgame).

- Added Map Stats to each Map & gameType. Reload the website and you will see a Maps link under each gameType.
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Last Reply : Thursday, 1 November 2007 by Gaiyamato.

June 2007 - Updates24.Jun.2007
* All armies have been shrunk to be 10-pop max. They were divided by 10 so 50-pop stacks are now 5.
* Troop production now occurs at 1/10th the old speed, so less stacks and matches the now 10-pop max per army.
* Campaign & Duel starting armies are now 5-pop (1/2 max size).
* Damage to buildings is 10x normal troop damage, as is building, repairing and takeover to match the size changes.
* Destroying a building will now take 30% of the TOTAL health of any army inside. (eg 10pop army would lose 3pop).
* Comms now give +2 Attack to nearby troops for each Comm in the army. Troops can still only be effected by 1 comm army.
* Balistas now have +5% damage for each troop in the target army (ignoring the first troop).
* Increased Comms/Summoners/Protectors health and EXP/Battle-Cost.
* Troop levels are now EXP/500 instead of /200.
* Campaigns are deleted if they do not start within 19999 minutes (13.8 days).
* Newly deployed troops can attack once only. They deploy with "orange" status so miss their first movement phase.
* Minimum level when creating games is now in increments of 50 instead of 100.
* Barbarians growth rate in Duels slowed from .25/turn to .10/turn.

* Fixed the LAG issue. Moving/attacking should be very fast now.
* Fixed the double quarry bug in the bottom corner of the Ten Kings campaign map. It now has the Mine on the top right of the bottom area instead of the extra quarry.
* Fixed the missing Mine bug in the Ten Kings map.
* Barbs now grow in Campaigns the same as Duels
* Fixed Best Level in Hall of Fame for all game types.
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Last Reply : Thursday, 17 January 2008 by Gaiyamato.

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