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NOTE : This page is designed as a log of changes/updates within the game only. July 2002
FlashMap 2.30 released.
FlashMap 2.28 released.
  • Fixed missing red-sqr bug.
  • Fixed resource pile health display bug.
  • Fixed Balista range area. Now shows 9 squares.
  • Fixed site load bug where homepage would sometimes appear white.
  • Fixed game Military page to show correct Deployed count, and removed level bonus from army stats.
  • Fixed broken links in Online Manual.
  • Added download % preloader to map.
  • Added generating % preloader to map.
  • Altered map generation code to improve map generation performance.
  • Added a character counter to send message system.
  • Changed Defense Mode. Now gives +10 to Defense and -5 to Attack, and 1/2 movement. Thats all.
  • Re-enabled the elimination code.
  • Added an "end game" feature so games beyond Turn12 with only 1 player left are restarted.

    FlashMap 2.24 released.

  • Fixed invisible Knights bug.
  • Fixed movement into top corner of barracks bug.
  • Fixed typo in FindPlayer page.
  • Fixed decimal place problem with total damage/health on map info.
  • Fixed Max-Armies bug. Now back to 20 + 5xMilitaryAcademy count.
  • Fixed Castle take-over, so health would not drop and reduce income efficiency.
  • Fixed Forum bug where the same links in a thread caused errors.
  • Fixed InactiveBarracks bug when you only had 3.
  • Fixed Quit bug that deleted Castles when you quit.
  • Fixed map-info view bug. Can now see building info when no armies nearby.
  • Fixed link on Home page to point to correct getting-started page.
  • Fixed Outpost range boost tech. Now shows extra 4 sqrs on the map.
  • Fixed SpyNetwork tech. Now available.
  • Fixed decimal place problem in destroy building results.
  • Fixed duplicate names when choosing the same troop type at game startup.
  • Fixed takeover of castles so internal buildings being removed go out of removal mode when taken.
  • Added new terrain object images. (trees & mountains).
  • Updated all troop images to be better quality.
  • Changed flash-map depth code. Now dynamic so troop depth is accurate even after moving.
  • Updated the PlayerDetails popup to include level and games.
  • Updated HallOfFame, ChampionsList, Rankings, ForumPosts, etc to link to new PlayerDetails page.
  • Updated ShowGames and GameDetails pages to show unavailable games in red.
  • Updated games page so Players column shows active-players/free-slots.
  • Added some more Beginners games, and staggered all of them so a new one starts every few turns.
  • Added more Game, Fast, Slow and Skirmish games.
  • Games must now have over 70% of slots filled before they begin.
  • Updated MyFriends page to allow sending of messages to multiple people.
  • Added new Attack/Defend skill system. Health and Damage no longer changed by Level.
  • Added Advanced/Expert Armor/Weapons to techs.
  • Updated GameWindow Introduction to show more data, like the Games-Details page.
  • Changed Melee Training techs. You now need Advanced to get Expert, and Expert to get Master.
  • Changed Balista to have a range of 9.
  • Updated Help page to inform players that No Downloads are required to play.
  • Updated Costs and Stats for all Medieval troops.
  • Lowered Rock-Paper-Scissors Bonus/Penalty from 40% to +/- 30%.
  • Changed Deploy/Buy troops page to allow deploying of only 1 troop.
  • Changed BatteringRams, Balistas & Catapults into AttackType-4 (Seige).
  • Changed Seige troops to use 80% BattlePoints when moving their full distance instead of 40% like normal troops.
  • Lowerd damage done by Rams & Cats.
  • Added a Troop Of The Month page. (Under the Scoreboards, now with Player of the Month too)

    June 2002
    Version 2.20 released!!! Check the Online Manual for new rules.

  • Fixed Quit bug, that removed the Castle when you quit a game.
  • Changed Build screen so clicking link should work.
  • Deleted all "quit" players from games.
  • Fixed Turn0 bugs. Can now no longer build/recruit/buy techs/destroy buildings/takeover/etc on Turn0.
  • Fixed Forums-Search link bug.
  • Fixed time display bug in GameWindow. Shows 1:00hrs instead of 1:60hrs.
  • Fixed TakeOver so you cant take over your own stuff if you "accidently" dbl-click... :P
  • Fixed Game-Restart bug that stalled turn updates.
  • Fixed Upgrades purchasing. They no longer count as a Tech purchase.
  • Fixed TaxReform tech. now provides correct income.
  • Fixed MarketWares tech to be a Tech not an Upgrade.
  • Fixed GemPonds to have a 2sqr radius so it appears on map when no troops nearby.
  • Fixed email problems with ModifyAccount page.
  • Fixed TopUp troops bug. Exp no longer degrades.
  • Fixed Buildings screen Avg-Health bug.
  • Fixed Snow terrain so it now displays in black text when clicked on.
  • Fixed Income problems with income techs.
  • Quiting a game on TURN-0 doesnt count towards your level.
  • Updated Online Manual with some added info on Characters.
  • Added My Friends link. You can add players by clicking their names in Online Players, Find Player or Rankings.
  • Added your level under your name when logged in.
  • Increase Scoreboard Central to show top 5 stats instead of 4.
  • Removed Beginner games from the stats. Kills in those games no longer register towards your accounts total kills.
  • Increase EXP gain for lower level armies to +2% per level difference.
  • Added EXP page to Online Manual under the Combat section.
  • Armies in Defense mode now get 20% protection from melee and 40% protection from ranged, and inflict only 80% when attacking.
  • Added a Normal Mode button to armies so you can manually switch out of Defensive Mode. Attacking no longer removes Defensive mode.
  • Lowered Health of Scouts from 30 to 28, due to their extra movement ability.
  • Added Online Manual link to the favorites under Modify Account.
  • Added Level info to top right of Game window.
  • Tweaked some database indexes that "should" improve performance.
  • Added a Rankings page to the Game Window.
  • Added total Damage and Health to army info page on map.
  • Added a LogBook to the Game window, which allows you 2500 characters of text per game.
  • Added Next-Turn "time-left" info to My Games page.

    February 2002

  • Every 2 Commandeers gives an extra 1% damage to an attacking army when in a 3sqr proximity. Max is extra 50%.

    January 2002

  • Released ver.2.12 of the Flash client. Fixes range view, names, and a few other things. See NoticeBoard for more info.
  • Fixed Clan bugs where players would be locked out of games when not in a clan, and where player would remain in clan when clan was auto-deleted.
  • Added Edit/Delete options + Moderator controls to forums.
  • Changed TakeOver renewal. After the UnderAttack status is gone, TakeOver% drops 5% every hour.
  • Cannot Take-Over buildings with troops inside (Deployed Only).
  • Armies need at least 40% ActionPoints to be able to attack/destroy.
  • Increased Archer health to 18, lowered Archer/Arb training by 2/cycle and increased Archer/Arb DMin/DMax by +1. (to compensate for crappy range penalty when target further than 3 sqrs away)
  • Lowered Squires Dmin/Dmax by 1, to compensate for Ranged defense.
  • Lowered all solo troops MaxPop to 40, and horseback troops to 30.
  • If a different player tries to take over a building already in take-over process, it will start from 0% again.
  • Buildings wont disappear while they are UnderAttack (via actual attack OR take-over).
  • UnderAttack status maxs at 24 units, and drops 1 every hour. So the most UnderAttack stays is 24hrs, assuming it isnt attacked again. Each attack adds 12.
  • Updated Getting Started page to show new Commandeers/Build method.
  • Armies now use all available AP% to attack. With 90+% AP, armies do an extra 5% damage.
  • Combat Message system now groups msgs based on the Player and Cycle.
  • Ranged attacks now use Range bonuses in calculations, including reducing distance penalty. eg Enemy at 6sqrs is counted as 4sqrs away when in castle(+2 range).
  • Fixed GamesNews page to show TroopsSlain properly as well as other random events.
  • Cannot transfer troops between armies when either army is UnderAttack. (Troops in buildings do not count)
  • Updated FAQs.
  • Can now see closest 15 castles, instead of just 7.

    December 2001

  • Fixed Join/Create Clan pages
  • Players are now excluded from Beginners games after playing 2 normal games or 28 days after account creation.
  • Defense mode requires 50% AP. Fixed bug that allowed attacks/moves then defense mode switch.
  • Repairing buildings is now instant. Costs health/maxhealth / 2 construction cost. (Fixed repair cost bug)
  • Building new buildings is done via Commandeers.
    To build, move the Commandeers to the location, and click a sqr near to the Army (the new building's edge must be next to your army). Each building costs AP% depending on how many troops are in the army, and you must have at least 20% AP to build.
  • You cannot build if an enemy army is within a 2 sqr radius.
  • You cannot repair/remove a building if an enemy army s within a 4 sqr radius.
  • Taking over a building is done via Commandeers. Depending on troop numbers, a takeover may take over 100% AP, requiring multiple attempts.
  • Added more Trees (forest).
  • Altered costs and income for buildings.
  • Altered costs and stats for all troops.
  • Ranged troops shooting into or out of Forests do only 40% damage.
  • Altered range penalties for all ranged troops. At 2-3 = 100%, 4 = 90%, 5 = 80%, 6-7 = 70%, 8 = 60%
  • During the FIRST 2 HOURS after joining any game all buildings will be pre-built.
  • Dead players no longer gain "base" income.
  • Build Points and Construction Points are now gone.
  • Fixed the no income bug when your Castle has lost health.
  • Fixed take-over so it no longer appears on resource objects.
  • Changed Join startup. Defaults to 2x20 Commandeer armies + whatever troops you select at joining. Armies already deployed.
  • Players removed via inactivity will have all their buildings/armies disappear immediately.
  • Players who quit prior to the "Inactivity" length after joining will have their empire disappear immediately. Those who stay in the game longer will have their empire slowly degrade after leaving.
  • No more than 2 players of the same Clan may enter the same game at the same time. Also, cant join a Clan that has 2+ players in a game you are also in.


  • Players can now be in only 1 clan.
  • Clans now have a 3 character abbreviation option. This abbrev. will appear in forums and Online Players page.
  • Players can no longer change their name, but can still change color.
  • Added Player Disabled function. Can now disable players instead of delete, so that tracking can be acheived.
  • Fixed LastGameRank scoreboard. When games end now, the LastGameRank will update correctly.
  • Fixed Hall of Fame scoreboard so that a player will only appear once.
  • Added an overall ranking system which logs gamesplayed, avg rank/players in each game. (effective at the end of each game)
  • Updated quit-game page, warning players that leaving a game means they cannot re-join it until it restarts. (and of course will now effect your overall rank)


  • Updated Online Manual & Getting Started pages.
  • Added some new Beginners games to allow for all the new players.
  • Stopped the rule that made building health degenerate when outside outpost radii.
  • New maps added. Larger maps allowing more players and more resource diversity.
  • More resources per map. Each resource has a primary and secondary terrain. eg, 60% of Metal Ore appears on Mountains at 100% health, the other 30% appears on Highlands at 75% health.
  • Updated the local downloads to 2.10b to include new maps.
  • Shortened most games. Skirmish are now 30 days, Games are 50 days, and Fast games are 40 days.
  • Fixed Gold/Food bug. When Food went below 0, Gold also went to 0. Fixed.


  • Players can now only play 2 games MAX at one time.
  • Players will not be able to join any Beginners games after 10 days of creating their account.
  • Added "monster" troops, which are randomly appearing wandering armies ready for combat.
  • Added Commandeers. Now available for purchase as these troops will be responsible for building all new buildings.
  • Removed Defensive Mode attack bonus. Going into Defensive Mode now only lowers the attackers damage, and does not increase defenders attack damage.
  • Lowered the health of Archers and Arbelstiers. Archers now also have more health than Arbs.
  • Lowered the DMIN of Archers by 1.
  • Removed level upgrade link from destroying building code. Can only upgrade via killing troops at the moment.
  • Fixed Repair bug that allowed repairs to continue when a player has insufficient funds, which would also put resources into the negative.
  • Halved the Repair Costs.
  • Fixed message system so non-logged-in people cant send messages.
  • Reset some games to use the new maps.


  • Fixed transfer troops bug. Transfering troops alters the EXP in the army that GAINS troops only. The source army's EXP doesnt change. Now impossible to cheat.
  • Changed Resource objects to x2 health. Now 4000 so they last twice as long.
  • Change Stone piles to appear on Plains or Highlands. (active on newly reset games only)
  • Changed daily update to make new resource objects placed in correct places with 3000 health instead of 2000.
  • Updated forums to split threads into pages of 10. Message list also shows page lists for threads over 10 replies.
  • Forum reply page now only shows the last 5 posts with the most recent at the top.
  • Economy Ranking now includes the costs of all your Buildings, not just current resource inventory.


  • Fixed Destroy Gems results.


  • Re-instated MaxResourceLimit. (MaxGold = 10000+(1000*goldmines or marketplaces); MaxMetal/Stone/Wood = 2500+(500*resourcebuildings); MaxFood/Gems = 1000+(500*farms/gemponds))
  • Once MaxResourceLimit is reached, income buildings stop producing. You can however exceed your max via other methods (eg.combat).


  • Changed Remove Building code so that you can remove any building unless its currently under attack.
  • Fixed closest Castles bug, where it wouldnt always show the closest 7 Castles to yours by default. Now does.

    7/10/2001 Ver.2.10
    Some major changes here...

  • New income/resource system.
  • Resource objects are scattered randomly around each map (forests, metal ore, stone) and you must now build the appropriate resource building next to the resource item.
  • Resource objects can be attacked by troops, releasing small amounts of the resource (much less than mining - Goldmines & Gemponds not yet active).
  • Resource objects also have a finite health. Mining or attacking them reduce their health. Once at 0 health they disappear. So using 2 mines on 1 metal ore would give you faster income, but the ore would disappear twice as fast.
  • Max resources CANCELLED. (Gone: MaxGold = 5000+(1000*goldmines); MaxMetal/Stone/Wood = 2000+(500*resourcebuildings); MaxFood = 1000+(500*farms))
  • Changed Efficiency% system. All Eff% based buildings start at 50%. Efficiency is effected by the building's health and Techs.
  • Fixed weird troop-loss bugs.
  • Fixed lost messages bug. Added language filter to all form submissions.
  • Fixed the 's in the forums.
  • Fixed MarketPlaces Efficiency% bug. It's now based on AVG health of all buildings and techs. Also lowered TransactionFee to 500 gold.
  • Fixed defense mode bug where multiple clicks will switch to defense mode multiple times, making AP% < 0.
  • Fixed multiple troops appearing in Buy list when you have assigned guilds.
  • Fixed movement bug where troops could move outside the map.
  • Attacking resource buildings also gives a small amount of its resource each attack, whether you destroy it or not.
  • Farms are NOT effected by terrain. they can be built anywhere.
  • Changed Movement penalties for each terrain. Please check online manual for values.


  • Fixed troop training bug. Increase Troop Production prevented troops without a training guild to be trained. Fixed.


  • Fixed HallOfFame. Didnt get top10 highest scores propery.
  • Fixed trading bug.
  • Fixed new Forum count bug after posting a new msg.
  • Added new Increase Troop Production system. eg. If you assign Spearmen to a Blacksmith building, that will increase the number of Spearmen that can train by +5/cycle.


  • Removed Beginners 3 game.
  • Made Beginners 1 & 2 only 6 days long. (they are for learning not playing)
  • Removed Fast 1 and Fast 2 games.
  • Fixed destroy building bug so destroy results now appear.


  • Added neighbour-view. You can now see the closest 6 Castles without needing armies or buildings nearby.
  • Fixed Techs costs bug. Techs now cost as they appear instead of double.


  • Fixed 2nd destroy building bug when destroying buildings that give you resources.
  • Fixed 2nd vanishing troops bug when an army is destroyed in combat ALL armies of the same ArmyID in all games were deleted.


  • Added new WEB/IRC select box to Online Players page so you can choose which chat you want to invite players to.
  • Fixed Game Removal bug, where players were removed after only 2 days inactivity regardless of which game.
  • Fixed Dying Troops bug, where troops would die in all games if you were out of food for any (even games you're dead in).
  • Updated Hall Of Fame page so that it now lists by game type not individual games (eg, Top10 of all Skirmish games,etc)
  • Hall of Fame now shows each player only once in each game type, showing the players best score.
  • Fixed land LifeSpan bug. Lifespan now drops from 100% to 0% at which point the income buildings above it will disappear.
  • Updated Getting Started help page.
  • Updated Online Manual.
  • Fixed movement bug where armies from other games would prevent moving to certain locations.
  • Fixed disband army bug.
  • Fixed army level upgrade bug.
  • Fixed Destroy Building bug which gave an error when the enemy building was actually going to be destroyed.

    2/9/2001 Ver.2.07

  • Changed site domain back to http://waronline.net - Please do not use the IP anymore or game wont work.
  • Click To Continue button now works.
  • Fixed ingame message system so that messages are no longer blank.
  • Fixed ingame message system so that messages from Unknown or deleted players do not cause errors.
  • Fixed attack message bug preventing attacks.
  • Fixed attack bug that caused an error when enemy army is destroyed.
  • Changed movement code so that only one move can be done at a time. ie, you must wait for your army to complete moving before you can click anything else. This prevents several movement problems.
  • Fixed destroy ".transfer error" bug that appeared after attacking buildings.
  • Increase Tournament to 2cycles/day and increased length of all games.
  • Fixed training buildings "Assigned" bug. You can now assign new troops.

    15/8/2001 Ver.2.01

  • New ISOMETRIC Map! Things have changed, so please read the Notice Board forums for more information.
  • Those using the Local Downloads will need to get the latest version otherwise some pages wont load.


  • Changed Base army limit to 20 Armies. You still get another 5 for each Military Acadamy you have.
  • Added new Flash based chat to replace the old crappy HTML one. Currently ver.1.03


  • NewTest starts again with some new rules.
  • Costs of troops increase in NewTest.
  • Income from resource buildings lowered in NewTest.
  • Armies upgrade in levels is now 100,400,900,1600,2500,etc. Based on 100*LVL*LVL.
  • Gold per troops killed increased to 8+(LVL*2). eg, 10,12,14,16,etc, increasing each level.
  • MaxArmies re-introduced. Now set at 10 + (5 * MilitaryAcadamies). This may only be temporary.
  • Can no longer move armies into Farms, Mines,etc. Only into military buildings and Castle.
  • Can now see hidden troops again. Only temporary until I can finish the Hidding code.
  • Changed Techs to use a single/progressive system. There is only 1 level for each tech, of which you can purchase many times, each time costing more than the last.

    29/7/2001 Ver.1.39

  • New LevelUpgrade mode now active. Each level upgrade you need to select one of 4 attributes to upgrade.
  • Armies upgrade in levels at 200exp, 400, 800, 1600, etc.
  • Exp gained in combat is now 4 + Lvl*2 for each troop killed. eg. 1xLvl1 = 6, 1xlvl4 = 12, etc...
  • Fixed diagonal move-over bug when move/attacking enemies.

    28/7/2001 Ver.1.37

  • New ATTACK/MOVE method. Switched to a Click/Select then Click/Move-Attack rather than Click/Drag.
  • To get info on your army, you will need to double click.
  • When attempting to attack an enemy outside your selected army's range, your army will auto-move to within range, and if any AP is left, then attack. (Please remember that range is Circular. Diagonals have a value of about 1.41)
  • After any attack both armies are auto-updated so no Refresh is needed.
  • Attacking buildings is still done using the old method.

    24/7/2001 Ver.1.31

  • Added versioning to flash map. If you have an older version than the current one, a msgbox will appear telling you so.
  • Added new DOWNLOADS page to menu. You can now download some static files (images,terrain maps,etc) to your local PC and have WarOnline load them from there for much faster gameplay.
  • Changed restart code so that ALL buildings remain behind as unowned when a player restarts. They will only last a short time before they disappear however.
  • Buildings now take twice as long to repair.


  • Updated movement code to allow you to enter your own buildings via the Click/Drag method. The EnterBuilding option will no longer appear.
  • Fixed map bug that showed your armies as black/Unknown when on Rubble/BloodyRemains. This means they are also moveable now.

    22/7/2001 Ver.1.27

  • New map version now uses Click/Drag to move armies. Instead of clicking empty land for list of armies, simply click/drag the desired army to the destination and it will move to the furthest point in the move path that its ActionPoints will allow. Once moved it will also update the armies stats so you no longer need to hit Refresh after army movements.
  • Faster ArmyInfo popup.
  • Outpost radius outlines replaced by the more familiar white dots. This shows the area of land that you control around an outpost/castle.
  • Removed old development news and moved it to an OldDevelopmentNews page. See link below.
  • Updated map info pages to be smaller in size and use more DHTML for content.
  • Updated main website to use DHTML for header/footer info. If you have any problems, let me know asap
  • Fixed movement bug for Pikemen.

    20/7/2001 Ver.1.18

  • New map version now includes the Click To Continue banner clicker.

    19/7/2001 Ver.1.15

  • Fixed movement code. Stacking should no longer work. Terrain should now effect movement for all troops.
  • Re-enabled multiple army movement. Simply select more than 1 army before clicking Move Army button.

    18/7/2001 I'm BACK!!
    I've recently discovered that my ISP is going to put in place a 3gb/month limit, of which I am about 3-4x over. As such, I've had to dedicate the past few weeks to shrinking pages sizes and minimizing bandwidth requirements for the game. One such method was to develop a new Flash based map interface, which would lower the cost of map refreshes over a full image. In doing so, this new Flash map also opens the door to many new features and game design issues. For more info please review the NoticeBoard and Forums.

  • Implemented new Flash map.


  • Fixed TrialGame1 problem of scoreboards not updating. Now ok.
  • Fixed MarketPlace building. You can now build them if you have no Market techs.
  • Fixed TradingMarkets so that you cannot buy/sell more than the Markets have in reserve. Also shows the reserves now.


  • Updated Map image so its faster, and now shows used land as a colored block.
  • Fixed building health loss bug so that if more than half your building is within an Outpost radius it will not lose health.


  • Resource buildings (Mines, Quarries and Woodmills) now have limited lifespan (10 cycles). After which point the buildings are lost and the land is no longer able to supply resources.
  • Updated newly build buildings to get the average Life left so all 4 sqrs equal the average.
  • Removed 10% tax on all resources.
  • TradingMarket now acts like a bank. Starting with a high number of Gold & resources, all trades are based on the banks reserves.


  • Some basic techs are now available and working. You can improve income efficiency, increase building health, or increase Contruction points.
  • Fixed Trading Market bug which gave an error if you didnt have a MarketPlace.
  • Fixed remove building bug which kept troops hidden.
  • Fixed remove/destroy Barracks/etc buildings which created a 0 size army if no troops were ready.


  • Added a CLANS listing on the PlayerDetails popup window. This is so you can see what clan a player is in without having to search through each clan.


  • Added a base income of 200 Metal, 200 Stone, 200 Wood and 100 Food per cycle so that you still get some small income without income buildings.
  • Fixed specialities bug that made them all active (didnt like boolean &, wanted the AND instead).
  • Fixed archer bug where melee troops would still attack back even at range.


  • Renamed Swordmasters to Squires, and changed their image as well. Deleted old Squires data.
  • Deleted Halberdiers from available troops.
  • Updated all troops stats including new Specialities for some.
  • Fixed Online Manual Characters/Medieval page, so it now shows all available troops.
  • Fixed Attack and Move code to incorporate troop specialities.


  • Added some extra terrain to TrialGame1 for those on the edge who ended up stuck beyond the 400x400 terrain.
  • Fixed map growth code so it will no longer grow beyond 400x400. Once 400x400 is reached and no more spaces are available, the game will marked as full and no new players can join until someone leaves or is eliminated.
  • Fixed some form submit buttons so they cant be doubled clicked and thus run the same code twice.
  • Added a Delete Clan option for clan owners. This deletes the clan regardless of how many members it has.


  • Fixed forums bug. ' is now a usable character.
  • Fixed Trading Market efficiency where Income would report true efficiency, and Trading Market would always show 60%.
  • Buildings under construction, repairing, etc no longer give ranged armies range bonuses.
  • Updated NewUser form to highlight the fact that Multies are NOT welcome here.
  • Added a new AutoLogin feature to the Modify Account page, which allows you to save your name/password in a cookie so you dont need to login each time.


  • Fixed the Wandering Armies bug that made them drop to 0 population.
  • Fixed 10% health loss bug which effected ALL buildings by mistake.
  • Fixed Repair bug that allowed repairing of buildings outside outpost radii. You CANNOT repair buildings without a nearby outpost.
  • Fixed long decimal values on attack results.
  • Removed Attacks/Defends info from troops pages, and replaced with their Bonus/Penalty info. Attacks/Defends is no longer used.


  • You can now include hyperlinks in the forums by simply using the full URL (eg, http://website).
  • Changed learning centres (Swordsmiths, Archers Guild, etc) to now say Assign and Assigned when selecting new troops, instead of Training. This is to avoid confusion as no troops are actually trained here.
  • Fixed Forbidden Zone so it no longer produces an error.
  • Warning! ALL buildings outside the radius of your Base or Outposts will now lose 10% health each cycle.
  • Removed MaxArmies. There is no NO limit to how many armies you can have.


  • Fixed transfer troops bug so armies ending with 0 troops are deleted.
  • Fixed building info on barracks/base/etc so they show the correct number of ready troops.
  • New armies now start with 0 EXP no matter how many troops are included.
  • Destroying or Removing any barracks type building will mean all troops being trained and ready inside are lost, except for the 1 type that has the highest Ready count, which is turned into an active army with 100% AP.


  • 4 new troops type available. Pikemen, Swordsmasters, Arbelestiers and LightCavalry. To get these new troops you need to build the learning centre for that type (Swordsmith, Archers Guild, etc) and when complete Assign the new troop type. You can only build these buildings if you already have a Barracks of that type.
  • Changed all the Troop and Building costs. Troops cost more gold, and buildings cost more resources.


  • Can only disband armies that have 100% Action Points.
  • New Transfer Troops screen.
  • Can now transfer troops between armies of the same type out on the field.
  • Changed the way you buy troops. You now buy new troops from the individual Base or Barracks/etc where you want them stationed. There they train and become ready, and only there can you use them to deploy or transfer.
  • The Military Training page now shows the total troops ready and training, and still allows you pause any type.
  • The map now shows the total troops READY in your base and each barracks/etc in yellow.
  • You now need 100% Action Points to be able to disband any army.
  • Armies in Defensive mode now do a full ActionPoints% retaliation attack but at only 50% of the cost in AP%.
  • All armies now do retaliation attacks when attacked, but only at 25% of their current ActionPoints.


  • Fixed attack building bug which doubled EXP points each attack.
  • Working on new troops.


  • Changed build points values for Outposts to 20 each, and raised points for all Barracks types to 30 each.
  • Lowered EXP needed to upgrade levels to 400, 800, 1600, etc
  • Armies can now also auto-upgrade after destroying buildings.
  • Lowered stats gained by upgrading to +5to10 health, +4to6 maxpop, +1 dmin, +1 dmax.


  • PlayerDetails window now shows the players Country and connection speed, based on their account questionnaire.
  • Fixed building removal bug where players that leave have buildings left behind but didnt get removed over time.
  • Added a Repair option for buildings under MaxHealth. Building will repair each update taking repair resources out each update too.
  • Buildings under repair are now still active in that they still function, however efficiency may be reduced due to poor health.
  • Troops can now attack ALL buildings, except most ranged troops (like archers) who can only attack buildings under construction, repairing, etc.
  • Added some wandering armies back into the games. They are ownerless armies looking for trouble.


  • Updating Online Manual.
  • Added a 10% TAX rule to resources. This tax takes off 10% of your current resource storage per cycle. This also imposes a virtual max storage limit so that players dont suddenly end up with 100's of 1000's of resources which devalues resources and buildings and reduces strategy. There will be a way to improve your tax rates via techs.
  • The 10% TAX rule only works if you have 1000+ resource, 4000+ gold. I'll be looking at bringing back the StorageUnits to increase those 2 values.
  • Changed the Economy ranking system to be based on your current resources rather than just your resource income. This shows "total" economy not just income.
  • Economy now calculated on total Gold value. ie, all your resources are converted to Gold value based on the current market value and then added together.
  • Temporarily brought back the old Online WEB Chat page. It seems alot of players are unable to use the IRC version, so I'll have both till I can figure out what to do.


  • Redesigned the website again! I think this one is much better. Altho I'm not sure whether the second color should be the DarkBlue or a DarkRed...
    What do you think? Blue & Red or Blue and Blue.
  • Fixed attack code so when u reach the required EXP you will upgrade to a new lvl.
  • Updated attack code so the Troop Of The Day has a 50% chance of doing DOUBLE damage in combat.


  • Fixed Transfer Army button so it appears even if the army is at max size.
  • Updated home page to include the first post of the latest NoticeBoard item, as well as a Troop Of The Day.
  • Made building health bar 1-pixel thicker so its easier to see.
  • Fixed remove building code so that more rubble appears for larger buildings, and any armies in the building become visible again.
  • Destroying an enemy building also makes rubble appear in according to the size of the building, and make any armies inside visible.
  • Destroying an enemy resource building now gives you a percentage of their current resources based on how many of those buildings they have. They also loose resources.
    eg. If you destroy a Farm, and the player had 5, they would lose 1/(5+2) of their food, and you would gain 1/2 of that lost food.


  • Fixed rubble and bloody remains so that they no longer act as buildings. You can move onto/through them and armies also stay visible.
  • Fixed RemoveBuilding button so it also appears on buildings under construction or paused.
  • Added Bloody Remains, so that after killing an entire army a large pool of remains is left for 4 cycles.
  • New buildings rule states you can not own more than 1000 BuildPoints worth of buildings to begin. (upgradable via techs)
  • Buildings page now shows how many Build points are used up by all your buildings.
  • Build page now shows Construction Points and Build Points.
  • Added <<(-10) and >>(+10) button to the Transfer Troops page.
  • You can now go below 0 when transfering troops to Recall them back into the base/barracks/etc.


  • Improved movement code. More intelligent/faster path finding algorithm. Can now move multiple armies at once without stacking. Will also find the best path even if it cannot make the destination in one move.
  • Added some instructions on the Chat banner frame on how to get a better chat client and log into the WarOnline chat server.
  • Fixed Range bonus bug. Now only ranged troops (type5) get a range bonus/penalty when entering buildings.


  • Fixed TradingMarket page for those with 0 marketplaces.
  • Transfering new troops into an existing army now sets the ActionPoints to the correct value assuming new troops only start with 10% ActionPoints.
  • Added Paused Buildings count to Buildings page. Removed Removing from the list.
  • Fixed attacking code to take attacking army out of Defensive Mode.
  • Updated map FIND function to include Pop and ActionPoints stats for MyArmy search. Also loads map at correct size.
  • Added a Size field on the build screen so you can see how large each building is.


  • Attack buildings now works.
  • Added new buildings (marketplaces, military academy, and the 4 different barracks) available by a building tree.
  • Updated Getting Started instructions page.
  • Fixed scoreboards so that you can select which game to view.
  • Updated GamesNews page, so you can also select which game. Also shows major battles.
  • Fixed some movement and attack bugs.
  • Added Defensive mode for armies which give 33% defensive protection, but costs 20% actionpoints.
  • Barracks now add 1 extra army to the default 10 army max.
  • Marketplace trading now works, based on resource value, efficiency and number of marketplaces.
  • Pause and resume buildings under construction option now available.

    The new system was implemented today and all looks good so far.
    There are still a few things that aren't working yet, like attacking buildings, techs, and some more complex parts of the building and attacking systems. They are on the agenda tho.
    The ownership model is back to the way it used to be (you own what you build regardless of outposts), with the slight difference in that Outpost no longer generate conflicted land.
    Infact, the concept now is that you dont actually OWN the land at all. Outposts simply define the areas of land in which you can build. So outpost areas can overlap, which means both owners can build in the overlap area.

    I've also added a Free 50 points worth of buildings when you join any game. This basically means that those 50 points worth of buildings are pre-built(no waiting/building times). They still cost the resources to build tho.

    I've just worked out the new Terrain system for the new version. The terrain based maps will now effect income efficiency, movement and to some degree combat itself. I'm still working on it now, and there's some more info on it in the NoticeBoard forums including a screenshot link.

    As you may have heard, now that my last contract has ended, I'll be working on the new version of WarOnline.Net. So here is a sneak peak of some of the new features...

  • Level system removed. There are no more building levels. (Still has troop levels tho)
  • New Tech system to replace levels. You now buy(research) new technologies to improve certain aspects of your empire, eg income, build times, troop training, new troops, etc... However, you will be limited in how many Techs you can have, so you will need to choose wisely.
  • Techs will be purchased on a new screen like the markets, and not as buildings as originally thought.
  • AttackPoints, DefendPoints, MovementPoints are all gone and now replaced by ActionPoints which is a percentage. So moving, attacking or defending will use up your ActionPoints which mean you'll have to plan your army strategies a little better.
  • A possible army status selection for each army so that you can choose whether your army is in Travelling, Attacking or Defending mode. Of course, whichever mode you are in will have a bonus/penalty on your ActionPoints depending on which action they make.
  • New army selection model, so now all armies within range of the destination are selectable not just armies in line of sight.
  • New path-finding algorithm used for army movement. This enables you to move your armies around buildings, etc in one move, as the new code finds the fastest way around obstacles.
  • Movement in diagonal directions now cost 1.4 movement adding more realism.
  • Possible new stored destination method for armies so that you can choose a destination well beyond the armys movement range. Then by clicking a MoveArmies button in the Military page all armies with movement points and a stored destination will be moved using the new path-finding algorithm. Not sure on this one yet.
  • Troop training limited to a total troops per cycle. You can also pause certain troop training to allow other troops to train faster.
  • New buildings screen which now also shows how many of each buildings are Building, Repairing, etc.
  • No more StorageUnits, so there are no maximums for resources.
  • New look for the website and some changes for the game window.
    A few more things, but thats just a taste of things to come... :)

    Due to my lack of funds I've recently had to get a full time job. As such, development has been a little slow lately. Please bear with me... :)

  • Added 3 new Polls.
  • Added floating Army details to map so you dont need to click to get Name or PopCount.
  • Lowered building cost increases per level. Used to be x1.2 each level, now only x1.1 each level.
  • Lowered Farm income to 200 per farm. This is to regulate the high population problems.
  • When Food is <=0 you lose 2% of all armies each hour, including troops in Ready status not yet deployed.
  • Armies auto-upgrade levels during attacks when they reach the necessary EXP points.
  • Armies now gain combat experience based on their opposition's experience. The higher the oppositions EXP the more EXP you get for killing them.
  • Buildings can no longer upgrade beyond level 9.
  • Starting bugs fixed. StartAgain replaced with Quit Game.


  • Fixed Training Guild problems. You can now train armies twice per level, and upgrade them once they reach the set EXP.
  • Training Guilds now give armies more EXP per Training Guild level.
  • Deploying new armies (creating armies) can now be started at their MaxPop, like archers starting at 60.


  • Removed army limits. You can now have as many armies as you like.
  • Increased resource income buildings to 500/day.
  • Changed tapering system to taper at 95%. (Each new building does 95% of the previous one. This means at LVL1 you can have a max of 20 buildings of each type before new buildings make 0 or negative income. Each new level gives another 20 buildings per type.)
  • Marketplaces now trade only (Level+1)*2 of each resource per hour. So a LVL1 MP can trade 4, a LVL2 can trade 6, etc...
  • Increased Experience gained from destroying buildings.
  • Increased Experiance gained from killing enemy troops (attackers only).
  • Added TroopsKilled counter on all players to track how many troops you've killed.


  • Tournament Restarted. Now in DAY1.
  • Lots of changes which are described in the Online Manual and the forums.
  • Changed values for all buildings, increased costs/health/income. Lowered MaxPop.
  • Increased all characters to have higher health/dmin/dmax/movement/range.
  • Lowered population values and MaxPop values for armies.
  • Removed Workers. (Population is now ONLY military. There is NO population income).
  • Gold Income primarily comes from your Base and small amount from buildings (not walls).
  • Upgrading your Base is possible, which also upgrades all existing buildings.
  • New buildings are automatically built at your Base level.
  • Existing armies can be upgraded at Training Guilds once they reach the necessary Experience Points (independent of your empire level).
  • Expanded starting base size.
  • Building restrictions preventing building on a square next to 4 or more adjacent buildings. (Only at the time of building)
  • Cannot move armies straight from one building to another. Must exit first.


  • Restart problems fixed by making buildings stay for 48hrs. Check NoticeBoard forums for more info.


  • Changed flag images for armies on the map to show small versions of the actual characters.
  • Switching to new Military Training page system. You now purchase troops via the Military Training page, and simply create new armies via the Deploy button on your Barracks. Still working on this...
  • Workers are now purchased via the Services Trading page. General pop is no longer. Check out the forums post under Notice Board for more info...


  • Upgrading buildings should now work, allowing LVL2 buildings and troops.


  • More bug fixing.
  • Working on new military system. Not yet complete.
  • Added polls section to the Communicate menu. (Be sure to check the forums for more info).
  • Fixed Rubble so that you can now move onto rubble as well as through it.


  • Fixed lots of bugs.
  • Lots of database design and server maint.
  • New menu design.
  • Remove building system changed. Now counts down like when building until all health is gone and building disappears. Can also cancel removals.
  • Made game mostly Netscape compatible (although I recommend IE).
  • Enhanced BatteringRams. Increased health and damage done. 30health, 40-70damage. Health change only counts for newly built rams tho.


  • Rubble bug fixed. Armies can now pass through any rubble.
  • More databases changes.


  • Connection fixed, server available again.
  • Fixed attack and destroy bugs.
  • Chat window shows Tournament ranks again.
  • Scoreboards on the main website now always show the Tournament scores no matter which game you might be playing.
  • You can now change your player name/color from the Modify Account, however these changes wont effect any games you are already in until you restart.
  • Changed Rubble to last only 6hrs when you remove your buildings, and still 24hrs when you destroy another players buildings.


  • Implemented new game status interface instead of old control panel interface.
  • Added Remove Building option.
  • Changed Wall health to 2000, DB's to 2000 and lvl1 Towers to 1500.
  • Added Battering Rams as a lvl1 character that can destroy walls at melee range.
  • Disabled building NEW DrawBridges until next level.


  • Fixed combat code, and now shows how many troops slain each day.
  • Worked on new game status interface, and database design.


  • Fixed disappearing army bug. Armies now appear when moved over empty land.
  • Increased Population income.
  • Lowered cost of Outposts.
  • Increased build time of MarketPlaces.
  • New buildings are no longer upgrades of other buildings. All buildings are available at first choice. (ie Instead of need a Wall to upgrade to a Tower, you just build a Tower)
  • Increased Outpost radius to 7 instead of 6.


  • Fixed random placement bug. All new players should be placed ok now.
  • Removed starting will LVL2 buildings bug.
  • Lowered cost of Walls again, back to 25 stone but 50 gold. Gave everyone 200 stone to compensate. :)
  • Goldmines are no longer available to buy. You only get the two you start with.
  • You now get 5 gold per day for each of your General Population. (totalpop-militarypop)
  • Added General Population income to the Buildings & Income page on Control Panel.
  • Saving now saves the current AutoRefresh state on the map.


  • Changed Base starting location to be randomly selected.
  • New Base positions are based on a 26x26 square grid in a staggered (brick layout) system, also providing 11 empty spaces between starting players.
  • Restarted all current players in random locations for DAY 0. 8/9/2000
  • To take over buildings your army must have at least 20 troops.
  • Taking over buildings now gives your army 200xBuildingLevel in Exp points.
  • Fixed server performance problems. (Something to do with video res, and image map generation)
  • Attacking an army inside a building causes the attacker to do only 80% damage.


  • Fixed building Health bug so buildings should reach MaxHealth when built.
  • Fixed upgrade buildings bug to ensure new stats (eg, health, radius) are implemented.
  • Added new search facility on the Map allowing you to search for players or armies and update the map directly.
  • You can now move your armies through resource generating buildings (mines, quarries, etc).
  • You can also move your armies into resource buildings hiding the army from enemies.
  • You can now take over an enemies resource building by moving through it!!
  • Lowered cost of Drawbridges.
  • Increase all troops movement by 1.
  • Changed Tournament Removal to 5 days. If you do not log in for more than 5 days, you are removed from the Tournament.


  • Updated Online Manual. Recommend that everyone read this...
  • Fixed some bugs with the new system.
  • Changed starting empire to be a little smaller.
  • Added Outpost building (upgraded wall) which has a radius of 6. (towers only have 3)
  • Made scouts slower (down to 9 movements) but stronger (damage 3-6).


  • Changed land aquisition system.
  • Armies no longer get land they move over.
  • Your owned land is based on the buildings you own.
  • Each building has a set Radius of Influence ranging from 1 sqr to 8 sqrs.
  • All EMPTY land within the radius of your buildings is owned by you.
  • You can build anywhere within your owned land unless next to an enemy army.
  • Any land within the radius of two different players buildings is classified as "Conflicted Land" and cannot be used by either player.
  • Increased all MaxResources by 1000.
  • Walls now build in 12hrs instead of 24.


  • Tournament Restarted!! Tournaments now last 100 days.
  • Added Last Tournament page under Scoreboards showing the results of the last Tournament.
  • Changed all building costs and incomes to be higher.
  • Set Army limit to Barracks+Base * Level + LandValue/60. Thats how many armies you can have.
  • Scoreboard now updates every hour.
  • Each MarketPlace now allows you to trade 5 of each resource per hour.
  • Other players on the main map using same color as you will appear grey.


  • Fixed map bug where an error would occur on certain areas when map in large mode.
  • Changed ChatInvite to show who invited you. (No more anonymous invites)
  • Changed build laws so you can build next to your armies, but still not next to enemy armies.
  • Added new characters to the Online Manual Characters list.
  • Changed starting empire to make each Barracks already set to each character type.
  • Added position hyperlink on OnlinePlayers to reload map to players base position.


  • Updated Move code. You can now select multiple armies and move them all in one move.
  • Fixed Move code so you cannot move through other armies.
  • Fixed Move code so you can now move through allied buildings like Drawbridges.
  • Added white # symbol to damaged buildings that have less than half their health left.
  • Can no longer attack allied buildings or armies.
  • Can now move into/through allied buildings like Towers, Drawbridges and Barracks.
  • Changed new buildings to have small health and increase each hour as it's being built.
  • Added new characters to the Online Manual Characters list.


  • Changed build rules. You cannot build next to an existing Army.
  • Changed to NEW COMBAT SYSTEM
      - Based on Attack Points and Defend Points similar to Movement Points.
      - Armies can attack when Attack Points are above 1.
      - Armies can defend when Defend Points are above 1.
      - Attack/Defend Points increase every hour like Movement Points.
      - Each attack/defend costs points based on how many troops are involved in the action.
      - Destroying buildings now gives gold and other resources based on the building type.
      - Killing troops within armies now gives gold based on how many troops are killed.


  • Catapults are now ONLY available in your Base.
  • Bases can no longer recruit normal army types, only Barracks can.
  • Fixed BuyTroops bug that allowed purchasing of more troops than max.
  • Added DisbandArmies that removes an army and returns troops to GeneralPopulation.


  • Added new CreateNewUser form, including extra player info and questionnaire.
  • Updated ModifyAccount page to include new player details like PlayerBIO, and questionnaire.
  • Changed ClickBannerForGold scheme to work twice every 6hrs, giving 150-400gold each.


  • Added new Find New Position feature for new players to help find an empty area on the map to build your base. Click on empty land.
  • Changed starting empire to be 11x11(121 sqrs) including Barracks, Towers and other resource generating buildings.


  • Increased Gold given for clicking a banner to 250-600 gold. Can be done every 6hrs.


  • Added Catapults as LVL1 characters until the rest of LVL2 stuff is done.


  • Added new Screens instructions, showing pictures and details on the ControlPanel and Map screens.
  • Added army count to the Own army image on the map.
  • Changed map to show only the Count of troops in your own building, not the graphic.
  • Towers no longer recruit troops. You now move exising armies into the Tower. 13/8/2000
  • Fixed Forbidden Zone issues on the new map and minimap.
  • Added TrainingGuild. An upgrade to MarketPlaces allows armies to train and upgrade.


  • Looking for more ad banners as the current network does not provide enough banners.
  • Fixed creating new armies bug for some barracks.
  • Re-arranged map controls to allow moving and updating the MiniMap.
  • Updated map to be black background with playercolor borders.
  • Added alliance code back to map. Can make/break alliances by clicking on empty land.
  • Added Alliances page in the Control Panel to view a list of you allies.
  • Updated Medieval Characters page in instructions to show Max Troops size.


  • Removed faulty RAM from server which was causing it to crash.
  • Started on the new Online Manual, set to replace the old instructions.
  • Changed the ClickForGold system to ONLY work from the YourExtraGold page.


  • Updated the Getting Started instructions. Valuable for ALL beginners to read.


  • Moved MiniMap to bottom left of map and added an Ad Button on the Info frame of the map.
  • Changed the MoveMap controls to use images, and also allows moving the MainMap or the MiniMap.
  • Added CancelBuild option. Cancelling a build removes the building and allows immediate re-build.
  • Fixed a few bugs on the new map interface.


  • Added View Military option in the Control Panel window, showing all your armies' stats.
  • Switched to the New Map Interface. New features include -
      - Faster map drawing code.
      - New mini-zoomout map in top corner for fast and easy map navigation.
      - New, faster information frame displaying the land/army image and more data on the land/army you clicked on.
      - All army recruitment buildings work, including Barracks. (Barracks cannot change character types)
      - New Build/Upgrade screen allows multi-land builds to build/upgrade more than one building at a time.
      - New Build/Upgrade screen also shows cost estimates when building multiple buildings at once.


  • Fixed Buildings page on ControlPanel so it now shows your Storage units.


  • Added how many troops were slain in combat each day to the Tournament News.
  • Added new Character images for troops. Also visible on the Characters Page.
  • Working on the new Map interface.


  • Server maint. Improved server performance.
  • Added randomly generated armies "Wandering Army". (Not attackable yet).


  • Towers can now manually attack enemies like normal armies.
  • Added randomly generated Forrests that spread throughout unoccupied lands.
  • Fixed MarketPlace-Forrest bug.


  • Buying troops now gives 1 exp point per troop by default.
  • Transferring troops now gives/takes 1 exp point per troop transferred.
  • Added dynamic mapsize limit called "ForbiddenZone" where troops cannot move past.
  • Added ViewMap menu option which shows a zoomed out view of the entire Tournament Map.


  • Changed scoreboard calculations.
  • Scoreboards update only every 6hrs now.
  • Updated Recent Messages frame to look like the rest of the control panel.
  • Fixed attack building bug.
  • AutoTowerAttack code removed from 6hr schedule. To be changed to dynamic attacks not scheduled.
  • Starting resource bug fixed. New players can now join in ok.


  • Converted Population to include all army population.
  • Population now lists as TotalPop(availablePop). AvailablePop is TotalPop - ArmyPop.
  • Army populations now require food.
  • Food requirements dropped from 2 per pop to 1 food per pop per day.
  • Residential now holds 20 population at level 1 instead of only 10.
  • Recruiting/Transferring troops available again.
  • Attacking available again.


  • Created new Main Control Panel window using frames.
  • Updated TradingMarket frame and ViewBuildings frame.
  • Changed all Character stats to be more balanced.
  • Changed Character costs.
  • Changed characters to use Population count rather than total health.
  • Bases now hold 50 population at level1 instead of only 20.


  • Upgrading/purchasing certain buildings available again.
  • Fixed disappearing buildings bug when upgrading/purchasing certain buildings.


  • Created Barracks to replace multiple bases.
  • Added new C:M:A:D (Count:Movement:Attack:Defend) quick info to map info frame.
  • Fixed army recruitment bugs.
  • Added Experience points to armies to determine when next level upgrade is available.
  • Recoded Server Update Script to run faster, and actually works now.
  • Fixed attacking buildings bug.
  • Make/Break Alliance button now works in other players View Land window.
  • Alliance code updated to prevent moving armies taking allied lands.
  • Prevented building any buildings further than 4 sqrs from your nearest existing building.


  • Continued database modifications.
  • Fixed bases so that you can now recruit/transfer troops and buy armies.
  • Fixed attacking so armies can attack normally again.
  • Changed ViewArmy info to show how many hours till next attack/defend.
  • Made GoldMines availble from empty land, and increased it's income to 100g.
  • Updated Buildings page with updated information.
  • Fixed ViewLand on Bases with armies, so it now shows the base not the Army.
  • Fixed Towers so buying more troops is now availble.


  • More database modifications.
  • Mostly server side changes.
  • Added marketplace trading limit to be 2*OwnedMarketPlaces per resource per hour.


  • Rebuilt land and building database structure and updated gaming code to match.
  • Temporarily disabled Recruit Troops code (while i get some sleep) :)
  • Added players ranking in chat playerlist window.


  • Enabled armies to attack DrawBridges (except Archers and other Type5's).


  • Started Alliance code.
  • Fixed Forums bug where <BR> appeared every carriage return.
  • Added AutoRefresh checkbox to map controls.
  • Moved ZoomOut button as an option under Map Size.
  • While in Zoom map size, controls now move the zoomed out map.
  • Added an XL (ExtraLarge) map size which is 90x60 squares(not for slow connections).
  • Updated Buildings page information.
  • Changed ChatInvite so a popup dialog box appears when invited to chat.


  • Brought back the Development News page.
  • Fixed the AutoUpdate scheduler, as it crashed last night.
  • Added new Allianced Forum.
  • Added new Scoreboards menu, including scores by Land and Military value.
  • Changed all Characters and Buildings values to be more balanced.
  • Allowed upgrading of buildings to level2 except for Bases.


  • Created upgraded buildings images.
  • Changed dead player deletion to one week. (players who dont log in for a week are removed)
  • Recoded AutoTowerAttack code, and is now running every 6 hours.


  • Added Online Players menu option showing who is online, and allowing Chat Invite.
  • Created an Online Chat option allowing online players to chat via an HTML chat window.
  • Added Find Player option to let you search for a player by name, showing their scores and position.


  • Created new Forums system, replacing the old MessageBoard.
  • Fixed Tournament news bug, so new players now appear in the Tournament News properly.

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