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WarOnline Feedback

Your feedback on the game is very valuable to us. By letting us know what you think of the game, and of your experiences here, it helps us to develop and improve the game and site. So please help by posting your thoughts & experiences ...

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Previous Feedback

Been seven years since I checked this out!
Mog - 5/10 - 14 DEC 2023

My guitar has been feeding back, is this where I get it repaired?
Mog - 10/10 - 3 FEB 2016

I STILL like it!
Mog - 10/10 - 17 SEP 2015

I am sure we all know how I feel about this. As the game is now at least. Funny how I never swung by here before. :)
Ultima Bahamut - 7/10 - 4 DEC 2013

allways fun, was better with more people.
Pro - 10/10 - 16 AUG 2013

I think by the year 2020,LOD,Mog and I will be the only active people here.
doodoomite - 10/10 - 1 FEB 2013

I still like it.
Mog - 10/10 - 16 NOV 2012

cool game! the best browser game I have played!
Lord Bandannas - 10/10 - 12 OCT 2011

Great strategy game. Just what I've been looking for
Hambone - 9/10 - 23 DEC 2009

Awesome, awesome game. I have checked out many online browser based games and this one takes the cake. Not to mention the poeple that make up the community of players are great fun too. I just can't get enough.
Lothar - 9/10 - 1 NOV 2009

I liked it to an extent it could have been better!!! But hell who am I kidding? I never played the origanal!!!
the Dude13 - 5/10 - 16 JUN 2009

Even if the older version is better and desired, WOL is still the greatest site on the Web without a doubt. But Req? Come on-that girlie crap has gotta go!
Chamberlain - 10/10 - 1 MAY 2009

you need to let rank 0 make campainings
gruntboy4 - 10/10 - 8 APR 2009

Great strategy game.
Raag - 9/10 - 12 MAR 2009

This rocks!!!
Shinra Xenta - 10/10 - 28 JAN 2009

The 2 Campaigns Im playing all my resources icons under income have dissapeared inluding gold so I have no idea how much gold or resources I have, also im not getting credits for the mills,gem ponds, and quarries I own.
jarule - 4/10 - 21 OCT 2008

Hello Requiem. I create a website to work togheter with other spanish speakers in the game translation, can you put this like a kind of permanent news to let other spanish speakers in the game can show this until translation gets done? Here the spanish text: TRADUCCION DE WARONLINE ::: WARONLINE TRANSLATION Ya está la iniciativa de traducir este excelente juego ahora solo necesitamos de un granito de arena o dos: http://www.itts.us/personal/waronline/ super user: admin password: adminwaronline El sitio es la misma wiki usada en la wikipedia, cada uno puede crear su propia cuenta y configurarla.
maesepolux - 6/10 - 21 OCT 2008

Is it a user search outside games? I want to find people from certainly countries to create a new clan.
maesepolux - 5/10 - 20 SEP 2008

well i think it's a awesome game and yea i do agree with some of the people that posted there feed back about the game i wreckon you should make the max pop in each stack around 20 and the troops should be 50% stronger but in saying all that. this is one of the best war game's i've ever played and to those other people that dont like the popups i think you dude's should just ignore them because they are there for show well thats what i wreckon.
RUFF RYDER - 9/10 - 8 SEP 2008

The pop-up flashing ads were bad enough, now I gotta look at some chick wiggling her knockers when Im trying to think! Come on Req! Theres some fantastic females here and I could just imagine how they feel, like I would if some Dudes were bobbin their crotch in my face! If I wanted that nonsense Id go to www.XXX.com
Chamberlain - 5/10 - 14 JUL 2008

i dont how to even start
A.B. GooN - 5/10 - 13 JUL 2008

Pretty good. I like this site.
Choirsinger - 8/10 - 25 JUN 2008

having a problem with .. battles # 15283, does not show up on eather computer. Can you deleat it and we will try again..
NightMist - 5/10 - 23 JUN 2008

the characters on the map need to be edited. Like the albestiers are just half a person and i get onfused. They should be realistic to the earth. I also have a problem with the 2 pages you need to play, plus the main page. I like the theme of the game though, and how your army can increase.
Robert E Lee - 7/10 - 3 JUN 2008

how do i change to demonic charecters?
slipdeth - 8/10 - 25 MAY 2008

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