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Before you try to start playing WarOnline, it is best advised to read this brief Getting Started guide, and to also check out the great Tutorials provided by our very own players.

Game Types

There are THREE types of games :

Battles : Faster turn-based combat-only games. There is no micromanagement. Troops are selected (either by scenario or manually), and two players take turns in out-maneuvering their opponents in tactical combat.

Duels : Medium two player turn-based strategy games. Kingdom management including researching techs, buildings, learning and deploying different troops, and an overall focus on strategy.

Campaigns : Longer multi-player tick-based strategy games. Kingdom management and politics are the name of the game. With many other players in the game sometimes a friendly word can go further than a massive army. These games usually only tick at about 1-2 turns per day, often lasting 2-3 months.

Hints & Tips

There are 2 browser windows used in Waronline.
1. The MAIN window (this is the one you are reading now).
2. The GAME window (this is where you manage your game).

To move around the map, simply click and drag and the map will move. Your arrow keys will also move the map.

More coming soon...

Click here for a more detailed Getting Started Guide

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