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General FAQ : Revised 5 July 2010

Who runs WarOnline.Net ?

Believe it or not, this entire game is run by one person, Alex Fiedler. Compare that to other games out there that have full-time paid staffers. This is one reason why it may take a while for bugs to be fixed and suggestions implemented. But usually bugs are fixed quickly.

How can I contact the game-maker?

The game-maker plays under the name: Requiem. You can use the internal message system to contact him. You can also e-mail him at alex@waronline.net. You can also leave forum posts for him. But there are so many forum posts that he does not have time to read them all. Please, do not bother the game-maker with messages unless they are important, and you have read the Online Manual first.

What if I have questions about how to play the game?

You should check these FAQ's, read the Game Manual and Development Page. Waronline.net also has a strong community of players. Most of them will be glad to help answer questions either in the chats or through the internal messaging system. If all of this fails to provide you with an answer, post a question in the forums under "Question Corner".

How do I insert an image into my bio page?

In the left-hand column, you will see a link "Modify Account". Go in there, and half-way down the page, You will see "Image URL," and a box under it, Insert the URL for the image in there, then go to the bottom of the page and click "Modify Account."

How do I use the Internal Messaging system?

There are several ways to send messages to another player. The easiest is to go to the "Who's Online" link at the top. Then go to "Find Player" at the left-hand side. Then type the players name, Click "Search for Player". It will come up with all the players containing the text you typed (Like if you typed Pro, it would come up with Pro and Proteus, and many more). Then you click on the person's name. A pop-up box will appear with the player's details. Down at the bottom is a button, "Send Private Message". Click to send that player a private message. Or if you are near to them in a game, click on one of their buildings or troops. If they are close enough, the right window should have a "Player Info" option. Select that and you will be able to send them a private message. If you are not near enough to do this, you can often find players by using the "Online Players" option to the left. Or, If you know what game the player is in, select "rankings" (also on the left) for that game, "Show All Players". Then, by clicking on the player's name, you can send them a private message.

What if I can't join a game?

There could be a few reasons. First, you cannot restart a game that you were already in (until the game restarts). Or, the game may be full. At times, hundreds of people join WOL together. This is difficult to plan for and the games fill very quickly. You will just have to be patient and wait for an opportunity to join.

What should I do if I think I found a bug?

You should post the information in the Forums under "Bug Reports". Major, game-threatening bugs could be reported directly to the game-maker (alex@waronline.net). You should NOT use bugs to your advantage. Remember, we are game testers, not just game players. Using bugs to your advantage could result in your being booted out of the game.

What happens if I swear or use abusive language?

Other games may allow this type of behaviour. Waronline.net does not. Players who use swears or verbally abuse other players are usually given one warning. If they continue, they are booted out. There are many ways to play a nasty character that do not include this type of language.

What happens if someone is verbally abusive to me?

If you get an internal message using swears or abusive language, do not delete it. Inform the game-maker or moderators of the message and the sender. If someone uses the chats in an abusive way, inform the game-maker of the player's name.

Using 2 different e-mail addresses, can I sign up as 2 different players?

This is called a "multi-player." Multies are often found out and are looked down upon by other players. Some players will attack you, simply because you are a multi. The game-maker can also track multies and will boot ALL of a person's accounts if they play as a multi in the same game. As stated in the Terms & Conditions for the game, Multies are not welcome.

How can I donate money to waronline.net ?

You can donate, using a credit card, through www.paypal.com payment made to alex@waronline.net . You can also donate by supporting the advertising sponsors banners that you see. Every time you use the banners to purchase items or services, and sometimes when you simply visit another web site using the banners, waronline.net is given some money.

If I find the game-maker in a game, can I attack him?

YES! The game-maker LOVES to be attacked. He sometimes plays as Requiem. Make sure to overwhelm his troops with a HUGE army and destroy his castle quickly. If you do a good job, he may even commend you by dubbing you a knight!

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