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Economy FAQ : Revised 5 July 2010

How do I build?

Commandeers are used to build the various buildings. Move the Commandeer troop next to the site at which you want to build. Click a hex, within building range of the Commandeer, that will be the spot for the top corner of the new building (keep in mind for larger buildings, eg 2x2, you must click 2 hexes above your troop when building above). The hex will show in the right panel of the map screen with a "build option" box. Click the option and the build screen will come up. Click the building choice. Building options will be in red if the troop does not have the ability currently to build it, or the building overlaps another object, or is too far from your troop. Buildings cannot be built on a site that has another player's troop within 5 hexes.

I don't see all the buildings available on the build screen: Why?

Certain buildings will not be available until you have researched some particular Tech. For example, you must have Commerce to build a Marketplace.

Can I take over enemy buildings?

Yes you can take over any building by using a Commandeer troop. Depending on the type of building and size of the troop, it may require multiple attempts to take over a building.

How can I get more Gold?

You receive 1000 gold for every castle you control in a game. You receive 500 gold for Goldmines, upgradable to 750 each.
There are piles of gold in spots on most maps. You can also receive extra gold by destroying buildings like towers, walls
and barracks. Killing enemy troops and "unknown owner" troops also brings in a small amount of gold.

What are the resource piles for?

They are another quick way of getting tribute. Simply attack them as you would a building, and when destroyed, you will get some tribute points.

My buildings are not producing as much after they were damaged: Why?

Resource buildings that are damaged lose efficiency and produce less.

My building was damaged, how do I repair it?

You can repair them by moving a Commandeer army next to the building. Then click on the square of building closest to your commandeer army. Then the right panel will pop-up. Click "Repair" and it will give you the choice of which troop you want to use (If you have more than one there). Buildings cannot be repaired if another player's troop is within 6 hexes of your Commandeer near the damaged building.

Can I improve the strength of my buildings?

Yes, buy available techs to make buildings stronger (eg, Wood Panelling). Only buildings made after the tech is purchased will benefit from the tech.

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