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Military FAQ : Revised 5 July 2010

How do I get new/higher troops in the game?

Upgrade your barracks to be able to produce higher level troops, then deploy them from those barracks on the map.

How do I deploy new troops from Barracks?

Deploying new troops is done via the Barracks building. Simply click on the Barracks and the info will come up on the right. Click "Select Troop to Deploy".
You'll need both enough Gold to produce the troop and enough points saved up in your Barracks to actually deploy the troop. When you refresh
your map you'll see your new troop on the Barrack hex you chose to deploy to.

How do I attack buildings (or resource piles)?

Move a melee (foot) troop adjacent to a building. Then click on the building/resource pile, and the attack option will be seen. You cannot attack buildings with ranged units unless the building is being repaired. However, now Melee units can only do a MAX of 250 damage to a building (Siege weapons can do more). Commandeers do more than 250 damage to buildings per turn, usually around 350 or so.

What types of troops are currently available?

In normal campaigns only Medieval troops are available. In the Training Grounds games Demons and Barbarians are also available.
In Duels and Battles all three types are available to use.

Is one type of troop better than another?

Each type of troop has its advantage. The mix of troops depends on the player's game style. A Rock, Paper, Scissors analogy is often used when comparing troops. Sword types have attack advantage against spear types, spear types an advantage over mounted troops, and mounted over sword types. All three of these can whip ranged types in melee (or close) combat, but ranged units can devastate melee types before/as they close in.

How can I improve my troops?

Troops get experience from combat (Attacks on other troops or destroying buildings or resource piles). When they get enough experience they increase in level.

How can I get more armies?

You can deploy a maximum of twenty troops (units) without building Military Academies. For each academy your limit is raised by ten armies. (It does not matter if you have one troop in your stack or ten, it is still counted as one troop.)

How do I take over buildings?

Move your commandeer troop beside an enemy building and as with attacking click anywhere on the building. Then it will say "Attack from Commandeers_1" (or whichever number it is) and it will also say "Take over from Commandeers_1". Click "Take over from Commandeers_1". It will process and say "Take Over 50%" (Or something like that). Then get more Commandeer troops in to help take over if you wish. Taking Castles will require commandeers to do the take over action for several turns before they are successful, in some cases.

What tactics can I use to smash the heck out of the foe?

What? You think we're stupid enough to tell you how to whip us!!!! Of all the impertinent.....hehe.

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