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Politics FAQ : Rev.12.July.06

What is a NAP?

A NAP (Non-Aggression Pact) is an agreement between players that they will not attack each other. When making a NAP, you should first question the other player as to how long the agreement lasts.

What happens if I break a NAP?

You will probably have war. And, if you break agreements often, you may get a bad reputation and players will be less likely to enter into agreements with you. But, there are no game rules regarding these private agreements. For example, you will not be booted from the game for breaking agreements.

Do I have to make a NAP?

NO! But be assured that whatever game you are in, other players ARE making these agreements. It just can't be helped. Depending on your location, you should consider making these safety agreements with your neighbors.

What is a clan?

A clan is a group of players who have banded together under a common flag. There are many clans in waronline (check out the "Show Clans" page), and each seems to have an unique personality. Often, clans organize outside of the game as well - with their own websites and chats. Clan members often become personal friends. In fact, some clans are formed by people who are local to each other.

Do I have to join a clan?

NO! Many good players in here do not belong to clans.

How can I join a clan?

Some clans have open membership - meaning that they publish the clan password on their clan description page. Other clans are by invitation only. You should read the clan descriptions. When you find a clan that you like, contact one or more of the members and ask them how to join.

How many clans can I join?

Just one. So be sure that, when you join a clan, it is the one you want to be a part of. Of course, you CAN quit one clan and join another.

How do I form a clan?

Go to the "Show Clans" page. There, you will see an option to form a clan (as long as you don't already belong to one). Each clan has a kind of personality. Some are evil. Some are funny. Some are macho. Pick a description that fits your personality and playing style (you can revise clan descriptions later if you change your mind). Also, clans must have 4 members or they will be deleted after 5 days. So it is best to have other players waiting to join your clan immediately. Hundreds of one-person clans have been created and deleted in waronline.net.

What is clan bashing?

Clan bashing takes many forms. A common one is when members of a clan purposely join a game together and immediately act as allies. They then gang up to attack single players or less experienced groups of players. This is discouraged in the game, and the game-maker has issued stern warnings against clans that do this. Unfortunately, it is difficult to regulate. If you feel you are a victim of clan bashing, you could make a forum posting under General Chat. Often, the clan is embarrassed enough to stop.

What is newbie (New Player) bashing?

Newbie bashing is when experienced players prey on new players. Newbie bashers (usually more than one player) travel the maps looking for players who are inexperienced, and attack them hoping to plunder their empire. Newbie bashing is very much discouraged in waronline.net . Most of us hope that new members will learn to play and enjoy the game. When players bash newbies, the newbies often leave and don't come back. The game-maker discourages newbie bashing. There are also MANY noble players who look for these bullies to fight. If you feel that you are the victim of newbie bashing, you should make a forum post about it under "General Chat." You may also consider contacting the game-maker about it. But remember this is WARonline - when you join a game, you can expect someone to attack you. Simply because you are attacked by 1 or more players does not make it newbie bashing.

How do I behave "Honorably?"

Every player's idea of honor is different. And remember, this is a WAR game, not a "Get along with everyone" game. Battles will happen, and players will get upset with each other. But it is best not to break agreements. It is best not to bully players. It is a good idea to message the people you are fighting in a non-abusive way(remember, it is only a game). If you make a mistake, or if it is pointed out to you that you are behaving dishonorably, apologize.

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