Game Window (Control panel)

The Game Window is the (game specific) window that shows you all your resources, trading status, game resource values
and statistics, your building status and projected income, game details as well links to the main map and message box.

New users will first have to use the Join Game page to choose your empire's class and select how many, and which
initial troop types you want to start with. (Only Medieval is available at present.)
Once you have chosen your class, and starting troops, all the game menu options should appear, and your kingdom has been placed on the map.
To go to your kingdom, click the View Map button at the bottom left.

Game Window (Map)

The Map Window is where most of the action occurs.
It is here that you build, deploy troops, and conquer your enemies.
The left frame is a Flash5 based graphical map, and the right frame is the info panel. Clicking on anything in the Flash-map
will update the right frame with the appropriate details and options.

Moving Your Troops

To move any troop, simply click on your troop and then click on a destination location.
You'll see a grey area with numbers in the hexes, these are the locations available for that troop to move to.

Buying/Deploying New Troops

Buying and deploying new troops is done via Barracks type buildings.
Simply click on your Barracks and a "Select new Troop to Deploy" select box will appear listing all the available troops.
Clicking on the button will show you the cost of the selected troop, and allow you to purchase one.
Once you have purchased the new troop, it will become a new troop in the barracks.
Note: You can only deploy troops prodcuded from that building

Troop Production

Each barracks building is capable of being upgraded to produce any troop. Find the location of your barracks
by mousing over the upper hex of the building, then go to your Control Panel and click "Upgrades" on the left side of the screen.
You will see that you are able to buy upgrades for any troop there if you can afford it.
Troops cost one half their deployment costs to research. So, a troop that costs 2500 gold to upgrade will cost
5000 gold to deploy. Once researched, that barracks can always produce that kind of troop, as long as there are enough
build points saved up to do so.

Building New Buildings

Commandeers are used to build the various buildings.
Click a hex next to a Commandeer troop to get a BUILD button. All available buildings will be displayed.
Since Commandeers can be moved like any troop, it is possible to build anywhere...
Keep in mind, the selected building will be placed on the map with the Top-Most corner on the square you have originally clicked.
For larger buildings you may have to click 2 or 3 squares above the Commandeers.
Buildings cannot be built on a site that has another player's troop within 5 hexes.
(For more info on building types see the Buildings page).

Gaining More Resources

There are 3 ways to gain resources.
1. Attack enemy troops or buildings. When destroyed, you will get a small portion of their purchase cost.
2. Attack the resource piles scattered through-out the map. Each pile will give a random amount of resources. 3. Take-over the resource generating buildings on the map. There should be some relatively close to your castle, and others
scattered through-out the map. They produce a regular income.

Attack An Enemy

All troops are shown on the map as smaller character icons. The owner of each troop can be seen by the colored base and via the mouse-over popup.
To attack an enemy, simply click on your attacking troop, and then click on the enemy troop (a sword should appear over the enemy troop).
If your troop is not within attacking range (1 square for melee attacks, 2+ squares for ranged attacks), then an out-of-range message will appear.

Improve Your Empire

By investing in new Technologies, you can improve all aspects of your empire, from better income, faster troop production, combat bonuses
and new advanced troops. Simply look at the Tech Center and Upgrades pages in the Game window to see what's available to you.

Check Your Messages

Check your messages regularly via the Game Window or Main Website.
This is where you will find messages from other players, chat invites, and also any combat history letting you know if you've been
attacked or just confirming who you have attacked.
Simply refresh the Game Window or any page on the Main Website and it will tell you if you have any new messages.

Last Advice

Of course my main advice is to read the rest of the instructions and FAQs.
Now that you have already seen the main controls and features, the best thing to do to take over some resource generating buildings,
and try to increase your empire size. Deploy some armies and start working on your defensive strategies.
The best way to get familiar with the game of course is to play it.
So Good Luck!!

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